West Stafford Fire Department

144 West Stafford Road, Stafford Springs, CT

Rescue - 244


Rescue 244 operates from the cooperative station, located at 27 Willington Avenue in the former Borough of Stafford Springs. The dissolution of the Stafford Springs Fire Department resulted in the West Stafford and Staffordville Fire Departments conducting joint operations from the former SSFD.  Currently, Rescue 244 and ET345 (Former ET247), a 1992 Pierce Arrow 1500gpm/1000gwt, as well as Service 345 operate from this station.

While our main station is located much closer to the former borough than that of our Staffordville brothers, this rescue gives us enhanced capabilities on the east side of our district.  In a rather unique arrangements, both departments (WSFD / SFD#1) have access to, and utilize the rescue and engine tanker in the downtown house. Rescue 244 is a 2013 Dodge 4500 4x4 pickup truck with seating for 5, which replaced a Kenworth walk-in heavy duty rescue.

Rescue 244 carries medical supplies and an AED, along with extrication equipment and basic hand tools.
This truck is primarily used as a quick response vehicle to medical calls.