West Stafford Fire Department

144 West Stafford Road, Stafford Springs, CT

Squad - 144


The latest incarnation of Squad 144 was officially placed in service on August 20, 2005, and responded on its first assignment, WSFD Call Number 2005-0603 shortly thereafter. This unit replaced a 1982 GMC/Farrar.

Squad 144 is a 2005 Pierce Lance 2000 Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper with a raised roof over the crew compartment equipped with Pierce TAK-4 suspension. Squad 144 has a Waterous 1250gpm pump and a 500 gallon Poly Tank with a 20 Gallon foam cell. The truck is powered by a 455hp Detroit Series 60 coupled to an Allison EVF4000 transmission.

For rescue calls, R144 is equipped with a 15kw Harrison hydraulic generator, 6000 watt Wil-Burt light tower with 2000 additional watts of Kwik Raze mounted and tripod lights, a HURST SIMO power unit for pre-connected HURST Jaws (32B) and Cutters in the center rear compartment, HURST 20, 30 ad 60 inch rams, 2 large capacity cord reels, truck supplied compressed air with reel, Maxi-Force air bags (5 bags), 10 ton Porta Power, air chisel, battery and corded Sawzalls, 2 EMS house bags, defibrillator, Oxygen, suction, KED, long and short spine boards, as well as numerous assorted saws and forcible entry tools, plenty of cribbing, salvage covers and tarps.

On the fire suppression side, Squad 144 carries a front bumper trash line, front suction, 2 1.75” pre connects over the pump panel, and as well a 2.5 pre-connect off the rear. Squad 144 also presently carries 1000 feet of 5 inch LDH and assorted LDH adapters and appliances, 1 smoke ejector, 24' extension ladder, 14' foot roof ladder, 10' attic ladder, an 8' pike, assorted irons, hooks, and other engine company tools.

The all - Whelen warning light package is comprised of a 9M NFPA strobe bar on the cab, with all directional warning made up of Whelen 600 series LED heads. R144 also has a Whelen WS295 electronic siren as well as Federal Q2b.